27 jul. 2017

Nueva exposición de dibujos y pinturas que he realizado durante los últimos tres años. Tendrá lugar en Villaescusa de Haro, provincia de Cuenca del 11 al 20 de agosto.

This is a new exhibition of drawings and paintings I have made within the last three years. It will take place in the small charming historic village called Villaescusa de Haro in the province of Cuenca from 11 to 20 August.

12 feb. 2017

Vuelvo a usar el blog después de una temporadita para poner estos dos apuntes de Jennifer Lawrence hechos con bolígrafo. Digamos que hice el primero y lo publiqué en las redes sociales sin especificar quién es el personaje porque no estaba satisfecho, aún así hubo alguien que la identificó. Desde entonces tenía esa espinita ahí clavada y acabo de realizar otro de la misma actriz con el mismo boli (el que me regaló mi peluquero)

I'm back after a while to publish these two sketches of Jennifer Lawrence drawn with ballpen. Actually I made the first one above and published it on my social networks but I didn't specify who was she due to I wasn't really satisfied with the result. However, someone identified her though I thought it'd be almost impossible. Since then I felt bad about that so now I've just sketched the same actress with the same pen (which I was gifted by my hairdresser) and it seems to me that the result is far better than the first one.

Concerning Jennifer, I didn't know her until I watched the film American Hustle in which she plays as a secondary character. But not a long time ago I went to the cinema to see The Passengers and I could appreciate her qualities. Unluckily I don't know anything about The Hunger Games where she performed a role which allowed her to become a celebrity. I'll have to watch it some day.